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Tour De Friends - Bikes, Buddies and Bumps

Tour De Friends – Bikes, Buddies and Bumps


Now, here are the answers!!!


1. What is City doing at the start of the story?

c. Pumping his bike tires


2. How many wheels are there on the bike ride?

a. 10


3. Who does Chicky not ride with?

b. City


4. Eumundi and City look at the BMX track …

c. In awe


5. How many times does Hammy ask for cake on the bike ride?

b. 2


6. What does Eumundi say throwing the cake reminds her of?

d. Teppanyaki


7. After lunch, the friends lie back on the grass and …

b. Watch the world go by


8. What does City observe about riding on the BMX track?

d. All of the above


9. Why does City dance?

a. He stacked into an ant’s nest


10. What does Hammy learn about taking a fall?

c. Stacking is all part of the journey


For Discussion

11. How do the friends help Hammy when he is working hard to get through the dips?

They cheer him on.

They give him some tips to help him.

Chicky flies over to help him get up the hill.

They celebrate his success and Chicky’s great idea.

Team work!


12. What are some ways you can encourage your friends when they are going through something that is difficult?

Encourage them.

Get alongside them and help them out where you can.

Just be there to listen.

In the end, each of us have to get through our challenges, just like Hammy, but having people on our team, supporting us and cheering for us, can make all the difference.


13. What are some ways you can be in the game of life rather than just watching?

 There are lots of things you can do – here are just a few things we thought of!

Get invloved! Don’t just stand back and watch.

Turn off the computer and TV, and go and try some new activities.

Be the first to volunteer when your teacher asks for volunteers!

Try lots of new things, so you can find things you love to be part of!


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