Awesome Stories for Children

Hello! My name is Stuart and these stories for children all started with my daughter’s favourite toy, Eumundi Mouse. Eumundi (pronounced You-MUN-dee) is named after the town in Queensland Australia where she came from. Just like her unique name, Eumundi is no ordinary mouse. She has many friends and gets up to all sorts of exciting adventures!

I have been telling my daughter stories about Eumundi and her friends for many years now. The stories are spontaneous, in the moment, full of fun and always exciting, as Eumundi and her friends get up to many adventures.

We love to go into the world of Eumundi and her friends and write fun-filled kids stories of adventure. Some of these stories are based on our own real life adventures that inspired me to tell stories about them. I would often tell the story first, and then write it down.

Of course, as every story-telling parent knows, the stories are never a monologue. As each story evolves, Kristen always asks what happens next, suggests where they could go next, which friends go on the adventure, and adds in some action moments of her own! So, from a very young age, Kristen has been writing the stories with me!

Kristen is growing up now and she has started writing her own stories about Eumundi and friends, which she reads to me. She is amazing!

Kristen and I would now like to invite you into the world of Eumundi. We would like to share the Eumundi and Friends stories with your family.


Don’t let life get too busy.

Take the time stop and enjoy your children.

Stop and look at them – they are truly amazing.

Awesomely enjoy today!


Stuart and Kristen Anner


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