Cake Chaos – The Story Behind the Story!

 Kristen and I have been cooking together in the kitchen forever, it seems.

It started when Kristen was just tiny, but able to sit up by herself. When I was cooking, I would slide Kristen into the corner of the kitchen bench (counter top!). I would cook and Kristen would watch.

As Kristen got older, of course she loved to get involved. The friends (all her soft toys) would join us and be placed all around the kitchen, on the bench and also hang from cupboard handles, etc.

This reminds me of what it was like in our kitchen:

 Friends_in _the_kitchen

One of Kristen’s favourite things to make were chocolate chip cookies. I do remember her tucking into the brown sugar, just like Hammy and City!

The Cake Chaos story actually happened when I was out one day … Yes the cake from the ground really did get served … To Nanny for her 75th birthday cake!!

I really did not find the whole story very funny at first, and when I heard that they actually ate the cake (no… served it to Nanny for her birthday!!!), “Oh my my my!” was definitely my sigh.


Cooking in the kitchen is one of life’s adventures. So join in, have some fun and make some food, because you have to eat anyway, so you may as well enjoy the process (even if it does end up on the floor sometimes!)

Happy cooking and enjoy Eumundi and Friends – Cake Chaos

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